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Exceptional Dental Service

We believe exceptional dentistry requires more than clinical excellence and modern, highly equipped practices. We believe it also requires great customer service.

Our philosophy is to care for you in the way we would wish to be cared for. This means at The Ilchester Dental Practice  you benefit from:

Trusted Clinicians:

We offer respected and highly trained, trusted clinicians.

Superb clinical facilities:

We continually invest in our practice and use state of the art dental technology increasing our clinician’s diagnostic capacity and your comfort.

Access to top specialists:

As part of the Portman Dentalcare group, should you require complex treatment available from specialist clinicians, The Ilchester Dental Practice has access to specialists in every dental field.

Care plan:

Easy monthly payments providing you with regular check ups and hygienist services to protect your teeth for life.

Your treatment explained in a way you can understand:

No more being dazzled by jargon, our dentists use terminology you can understand so you are in control.

Accessible dentistry:

We pride ourselves on giving the very best care to our patients. Part of this commitment to providing you with the care you need is ensuring that our dentistry is accessible and finances don’t stop you getting the treatment you need.

The highest standards of laboratory work and materials:

At The Ilchester Dental Practice we only use the highest quality products when caring for our patients.

Rigorous hygiene standards:

Our clinical team continually train to ensure we keep up to date with the latest development in sterilization and best practice

Friendly and caring staff:

From reception to our nurses we pride ourselves on being knowledgeable and sensitive so we can better look after you.

Emergency care:

Toothache is one of the most debilitating pains that can be suffered. We offer emergency access if you are in pain and will try and see you immediately.

A social conscience:

Wherever possible we minimize waste, reduce our energy consumption and use recyclable products.