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Become a Patient at The Ilchester Dental Practice

Your First Visit

This could be a consultation with Sarah, our treatment co-ordinator, or it may be your first visit to see Paula.

If it’s to see Paula, we will evaluate your medical and dental histories, discuss your desires for your dental health and what you expect from us. We will do a thorough examination of the jaw joints, muscles driving the jaws, the soft tissues including an oral cancer check and finally your teeth.. We will gather all our records – any necessary x-rays and photographs will be taken. Depending on your needs we may require further tests, such as models of your mouth and other more specialised x-rays. Arrangements will be made for these if they are needed and you agree.
We will also arrange any necessary visits to our hygienist or Paula for treatment of gum problems. Only when your oral condition has been thoroughly evaluated and your desires and expectations understood, can we intelligently begin any dental treatment (besides any emergency treatment that may be necessary).

Before any treatment is undertaken, you may have had another consultation (if there was not enough time at the first visit or we needed more records) to discuss the various options of treatment and the investment involved. We will provide you with all options of treatment and the advantages and disadvantages of each, so that you can make a fully informed choice to accept all, part of or none of the treatment that we offer you. You will also receive a written treatment plan with a detailed estimate of costs. The fees calculated will be honoured for 3 months.

When you decide to embark on your bespoke plan, Sarah, out treatment co-ordinator, will be your port of call. She will be able to answer or find out the answer to any questions you might have, ensuring that you are completely satisfied with your decision at all times.


In order that we run your time and ours as efficiently as possible, we operate by appointment only. In the event of an emergency we will treat regular established patients on the same day and new patients as soon as we can without inconveniencing our committed patients. Either way we do request that you telephone us first. We make every effort to keep our appointment with you as prompt as possible. Occasionally there may be a short delay, but in the case of a long delay due to unforeseen circumstances, we will attempt to notify you in advance.

We understand that unusual circumstances may make it necessary for you to postpone a visit. If so we ask that you give us two full working days notice so that we may schedule another patient. Broken appointments and last minute cancellations are extremely costly for us and we make every endeavour to keep your costs down. We require advance payments for all visits of a half hour or longer. This is credited to your treatment unless you cancel or postpone the visit with less than the required time.

Continuing Care
Dental treatment given on a sporadic basis is little better than no treatment at all. It’s only with regular healthcare reviews and maintenance that we can assure you of optimal oral health. We will advise at what interval you will benefit from seeing Paula and/or one of our hygienists. We firmly believe that regular maintenance is essential for a healthy mouth. We will ensure that you never leave without your next visit reserved with us. If it is not then we will be persistent in contacting you.

If you do not share our enthusiasm for regular recall appointments, perhaps we are not the practice for you. We do not feel the same obligation to patients who seek help in a crisis as we do to those who are committed to regular dental maintenance which keeps their lifetime dentistry and thus costs to a minimum.