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Children’s Dentistry

Children’s Healthcare

It is important to learn good dental care habits from a young age. We encourage parents to bring their children to see us as early as the first tooth appears. This also helps the children to get used to the dental environment. We recommend that parents assist all children up to around about 9 years of age with daily flossing and brushing. Scientific research shows that flossing greatly reduces the risk of decay starting between teeth. By the time holes are visibly detectable in milk teeth the decay has usually reached the nerve making more extensive treatment necessary. We also advise preventive techniques such as fissure sealing permanent molars as they appear in the mouth and recommend a healthy diet.

We monitor the growth and development of our child patients closely and will recommend orthopaedic treatment wherever we see any deviations from normal development of the jaws. Early intervention can greatly reduce the risk of a child needing extraction of teeth ‘to make space’ and more extensive aggressive orthodontic treatment if it is left until all the adult teeth are present.

All children of parents who are registered at the practice who are under 5 years will be seen free of charge. If you did, however want to be covered for out of hours emergencies then joining our child plan at £3.96 per month would be advisable. This plan is available to all children up to the age of 16 and covers regular checkups (number of visits per year advised by Paula) .There is also a £6.96 per month plan which includes one twenty minute visit to the hygienist per year. Both these plans have a number of additional benefits such as discounts on treatment required and emergency cover.

We will need an initial consultation (£25 for under 5’s and £45 for patients between 5 and 16 plus any x-rays required) for each new patient and then they will either join a plan or pay as they go.

All treatments will be charged at £45 per 15 minutes (less 10% when on the plan) or as otherwise estimated.